Welcome to The Masters School


The Writing Center is a peer-to-peer writing resource at Masters, serving all Upper and Middle School students.

Make an appointment on our scheduler HERE or just drop by! Bring a draft, an assignment handout, or just an idea!

The Writing Center is staffed by selected Upper School students who are good listeners as well as strong writers. They are insightful, friendly, encouraging, and nonjudgmental! Our tutors are especially skilled at asking thoughtful questions and supporting the writer's own hopes and vision for their work. 

Writing Center tutors engage in extensive and ongoing training and can help their fellow students with writing assigned at various grade levels, in all subjects, and at all stages of the writing process. As Masters School students themselves, our tutors have grappled with lab reports for science classes, history research papers, and lots of English essays! They can offer their peers empathy as well as guidance. 

Tutors are also happy to provide feedback and support for writing projects students are pursuing outside of school.

Please see our mission statement below to learn more about our tutoring philosophy.

The Writing Center staff is currently comprised of juniors and seniors, including a cohort of experienced senior lead tutors. Starting in the spring of 2024, we will also begin onboarding selected sophomores to serve as apprentice tutors.

The Writing Center offers individual tutoring sessions, both by appointment and for drop-in. 

We are OPEN DAILY during the following times:

Upper School / Library Conference Room

Middle School / Ms. Rathkopf's English Classroom

For Teachers: Peer tutors are available for classroom "push-in" tutoring! Please email writingcenter@mastersny.org for more information or to book a classroom visit. Thanks!

We welcome Masters School students from both the Upper School and Middle School. We hope to see you soon at The Writing Center! 


STAFF LIST Spring 2024

TUTORING STAFF (*Lead Tutors):

Madison Brown

Lydia Ettinger

Shaza Murigande

Clara Nalle

Ellie Schalkwyk

Augusta Sykes

Alice Fuller*

Alyssa Wang*

Aron Tucker

Emerson Riter*

Ernesto Bautista Luna*

Gifty Baah*

Grace Maher

Matthew Hantgan*

Gretta Hong*

Mikey Lyu*

Max Lovitt*

Sarah Schlapp*

Michael Stoica*

Sophie Moussapour*

Eunice Wang*

Ana Alexander

Neena Atkins

Nathan Beckmann

Logan Dundas

William Jin

Eileen Kang 

Goldie Kraus, 

Liza Melnikova 

Danse Mobray

Viva TopperKroog